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Condoms come in different sizes, textures, shapes, and even flavors (for oral sex). You can try different types of condoms to find the one that you like best. Condoms are very stretchy and versatile, so most people will fit into a basic condom comfortably. If you find that standard condoms feel too tight, buy a larger size. If condoms tend to slip around a lot or fall off during sex, try a smaller size.

buy condoms

Condoms come in all different sizes. Finding the right size is important for safer sex. Condoms that are too tight may break and condoms that are too big could slip off or cause semen to leak. All of these increase your risk of STDs or unintended pregnancy.

You can buy condoms lots of places, like your local drugstore, supermarket, convenience store, or online. You can also sometimes get them for free at family planning centers, like your nearest Planned Parenthood health center.

Since 1996, the Rip n Roll Condom Store has been selling condoms online. Read more about us here. Rip n Roll has discreetly sold millions of the top name brand condoms to customers just like you. We offer condom reviews and statistics in our safer sex education pages, we produce custom printed condoms and sell wholesale condoms as well. Our retail condoms are High Quality, Name Brand condoms at discounted prices that generally cost much less than most stores. We also display condom sizes and pictures of inflated condoms for comparison shopping. Rip n Roll carries every major quality brand plus many that other stores can't get. Discreet Shipping is always free and privacy is guaranteed.

Buy Condoms Online at The Condom Depot Online Condom Store. Since 1996 we have provided an easy and affordable way to purchase condoms online. Discrete, Private and always with Free Shipping. We carry every major brand for less. From Trojan to Durex and every single brand in between if our Online condom store doesn't have it, it's not available.

Many young people are hesitant to buy condoms to protect against sexually transmitted diseases because they say they are "too embarrassed" by the experience, according to a study published in the Social Science Journal, the New York Times reports. Kimberly Brackett of Auburn University asked about 250 University of Florida students to buy condoms and then write a paper about the experience. If a student did not purchase condoms, they were asked to write about why they chose not to purchase them. According to the study, 25 students said they were unable to buy condoms, including one woman who cited having "too much embarrassment," according to the Times. Many of the 78 men and 176 women who did buy condoms said they were buying condoms for the first time, and many students said they were embarrassed during the experience, although men reported less embarrassment. Some men and women sought out a clerk of the same sex, tried to conceal the condom box or bought other items to distract attention. In addition, both men and women looked out for other customers while buying the condoms, although more women than men waited for other customers to leave, and more women brought friends along as "allies" during the purchase, according to the study, the Times reports. The study said that some women "told the clerk at the time of purchase that it was for an assignment so the clerk wouldn't get the 'wrong idea.'" Students reporting the least embarrassment said that buying condoms was the "responsible thing to do," according to the Times. Brackett said that more students might buy condoms if it is "stressed" as responsible behavior, the Times reports (Nagourney, New York Times, 12/21).

Know which condoms you want to buy before you go into a shop. The type of condom you need mostly depends on what size and shape you need, and then if you want extras such as lubrication or spermicide.

You should also be aware if you or your partner has a latex allergy, as you should avoid using condoms made from this common material. Condoms come in different materials, such as polyisoprene and lambskin, as well.

No: Never wear two condoms at the same time. That goes for two male condoms or a male condom and a female condom. Wearing two condoms at once causes friction, discomfort, and increases the risk that the condoms will tear or slip off.

Avoid using oil-based products with condoms, such as body lotions, moisturizer, massage or body oil, lipstick, petroleum jelly, or Vaseline. Oil-based products can weaken several types of condoms, making them more prone to splitting open and leaving you unprotected.

There are no age restrictions when it comes to buying condoms in the US. So just relax the next time you walk into your local drug store to buy some, know that you will not be carded or questioned about your age by the cashier. If they do ask, remember that the cashier cannot legally refuse to sell you condoms if you decide not to provide your ID.

While there are no legal age requirements for buying condoms, there are laws that govern when someone can legally have sex. This is referred to as the age of consent. The average age of consent in the US is 16 years of age, but it will vary from state to state. Make sure you understand the rules in your state. And no matter what the age is for the parties involved, please make sure you only engage in sexual activity when both parties are willing.

Our team here at Champ highly recommends that anyone engaging in consensual sexual activity to use a latex condom. When used properly, condoms are effective in both preventing pregnancy and the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

PIP: Liberation in combination with legislation gives new life to condoms, which now find their way into the purses, brief cases, and shopping carts of increasing numbers of women. The number of female buyers of condoms has risen from 15% in the mid-1970s to perhaps as high as 40% today, thanks to the increasing number of women who are dissatisfied with contraceptive alternatives and a condom industry that is playing to its growing female audience with new packaging and marketing methods. The condom has a distinct advantage in an age when women are more concerned and knowledgeable about their bodies than ever before. The condom has no side effects. The $200 million-a-year condom industry enjoys a current growth rate in sales of about 12%. This is not too bad for a product that has been termed "16th century technology." Currently, Youngs, Schmid, and approximately 4 dozen other US condom companies mold, dry, test, roll and pack nearly 1000 condoms a minute, 400-500 million condoms a year. The Japanese buy 612 million condoms a year. Fewer than 15% of all US couples use condoms, which account for a quarter of the $800 million-a-year contraceptive industry. The growth in condoms was steady until about 3 years ago when it really started to move. There are 3 reasons for the growth spurt. In 1977, the Supreme Court struck down some lingering blue-nosed state laws that regulated who could buy condoms (not minors), where and why they could be sold (only in pharmacies for "disease control" rather than for contraception), how they could be advertised to the public (not at all), and where they could be displayed (out of sight). At the same time, a number of female contraceptive methods considerably trendier and more sophisticated than condoms fell into public, if not medical, disrepute. Finally, venereal diseases have grown in number to fill a category called sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that includes more than 30 ailments. Condoms are the only contraceptives that also are effective venereal disease barriers. Consequently, condoms moved from under the counter to in front of it. Most notable of the condom industry's recent innovations have been unisex merchandising. It was decided that a lot more women would buy condoms if the packaging had femine appeal. With or without a yuppie clientele, the condom business is so healthy that existing advertising strictures have not hampered sales. Women are the primary purchasers of condoms in pharmacies and grocery stores.

We stock a large range of condoms, lubes and accessories from the biggest, best and most trusted brands in the sexual health industry. Buy condoms by Durex, EXS, Mates, MY.SIZE, Pasante, Skyn, Trojan and more right here at

If you're the type to feel a little embarrassed when buying condoms in your local shop, then you'll be glad to know that every order placed here on our website comes with discreet delivery. We also offer discreet billing on all orders too, no matter how you pay. What's more, every order comes with completely FREE Royal Mail Tracked 48 delivery when you spend 25 or more with us. If you spend less than 25, then our delivery charges start at just 2.99. We really can't say fairer than that!

It's our mission to offer the very best range of condoms and sexual health products, backed up with incredible service every single time you order with us. Shopping for condoms in the supermarket or chemist can be a challenge - especially for those below or above average size. Wearing a condom that doesn't fit as it should can be dangerous both for you, and your partner. We're committed to stocking condoms of all sizes, to ensure that there's a fit for everyone in our range here at

We stock condom brands of all sizes - from the big names like Durex and Trojan, right through to more niche brands who offer Fair Trade and even Vegan-friendly rubbers. While we do stock a huge range of latex condoms, we also carry non-latex condoms. If you have an allergy to latex, then you'll be glad to know that we still have a great range for you to choose from.

We're constantly adding to our range of condoms, lubes and accessories. We add new lines from existing brands on a regular basis, and we also add completely new brands on a regular basis too. If the condom brand or type that you're looking for isn't on site at the moment, be sure to check back again soon. Even better, why not drop us a message and let us know what it is that you're looking for, so we can explore the possibility of stocking the condoms that you want? 041b061a72


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