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Ooni has recently released two new models: the $429 Ooni Karu 12G, which can use wood, charcoal, and propane, and the $999 Ooni Volt 12, an electric-powered oven that can be used both indoors and out. If you want a deeper dive into Ooni's models, check out which Ooni pizza oven is best for you.

buy pizza oven

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We're currently testing the Ooni Karu 16, the company's top-of-the-line model, which can fit pizzas up to 16 inches in size, has a glass door, and has more room on the inside to make it easier to bake taller items, such as bread. The Karu 16 burns wood, but you can purchase a propane adapter for an extra $120. So far, the results have been delicious, so stay tuned...

Because of the L-shaped heat source, pizzas cooked near the back left corner of the oven took only a couple of minutes to come out perfectly charred and bubbly. And unlike other ovens with a singular flame or radiant heat, you really only need a turn or two of a pie to get an evenly cooked crust.

By putting the gas source at the back of the dome-shaped oven, pizzas get a nice char both on the top and the bottom, cooking in only a matter of minutes. We also really liked the height of the dome, which made it easy to see inside without bending down, and the compact, perfectly shaped stainless steel peel made sliding pies in and out of the oven relatively effortless.

The company that makes one of the most popular smokeless fire pits is applying its know-how to pizza ovens. Solo Stove's Solo Pi looks a lot like the company's fire pit, and works just as well; we were able to cook up pizzas in minutes. We liked the Solo Pi's wide mouth, which made it easy to see and turn pizzas, and its stainless steel exterior was not only attractive, but easy to clean.

If you do go for this model, we recommend purchasing the optional propane attachment; we found loading wood into the Solo Pi's fire box was a bit cumbersome, and it burned wood so fast and efficiently that we needed a second person to restock it, so we could concentrate on making pizzas. Otherwise, though, we were really pleased with how well it cooked our pizzas.

Since our initial review, Solo Stove has released the Pi Stand ($249 at Solo Stove (opens in new tab)), which stands about 38 inches high, and lets you rest the oven on top. It also has wheels so you can move it around, a dock for a propane tank, and two small tray areas on either side.

The Gozney Dome is the much larger, much more versatile, and much more expensive brother to the company's Roccbox. Weighing in at 128 pounds and retailing for $1,499 ($1,799 for the dual-fuel option), this pizza oven can't be moved easily, but it can cook with both wood and propane, and its large opening means you can cook more than just pizzas in this oven.

Despite its size, we liked the look of the Gozney Dome, as well as the fact that it could get up to scorching hot temperatures and stay there for as long as we were slinging pies. And, the pizzas it made were impressive: great charring all around, and just two minutes from start to finish. If you can swing the price, it's worth the dough.

The Nano's temperature control allowed us to precisely adjust the flame inside the oven, but the knob did get hot to the touch. Also, this is a heavy and expensive oven, so once you set it up in your yard, you're not going to want to move it, unlike some of the more portable options from Ooni and others. But, it's a good option if you're looking for a pizza oven that will be the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen.

While Solo Stove already makes a standalone pizza oven, it has also come out with the Pi Fire, an accessory that fits atop the company's range of smokeless fire pits. The Pi Fire is small and light, and has two handles at the top to let you place it atop and remove it from your Solo Stove.

To test each oven, we followed its manual for instructions on assembly, setup, ignition, cooking, and cool-down. In order to get the most authentic experience, we also only used the peels, tools, etc. that came with that particular oven. We also wanted to see how each oven would perform with a variety of types of dough.

But to also keep things simple (and fair), we tested each oven with Margherita pizzas topped only with tomato sauce and hand-torn mozzarella, with a little basil and olive oil drizzled on after cooking.

In addition to its cooking performance, we also evaluated each oven on its ease of setup, how hot the oven got (both on the inside and outside), and how easy it was to control the temperature. For wood or wood pellet models, we also looked at the ease with which we could add fuel.

Outside of price, the biggest factor to consider when buying a pizza oven is the fuel source. Ovens can be heated by either propane, charcoal, or wood pellets (there are also electric options for indoor models). Before choosing an outdoor pizza oven, decide which heat source is right for you. In our tests, the propane ovens were easier to control, but pizza ovens that used either wood, wood pellets, or charcoal gave the pies a smoky flavor reminiscent of good grills. Plus, it's easier to carry a bag of charcoal or wood pellets than it is a tank of propane, especially if you're planning to bring your pizza oven to a camping trip or tailgate.

Lastly, one thing to consider before you buy an outdoor pizza oven is whether you have the proper space for it. These ovens should be set up at a standalone table at least a couple of feet away from any other structure, and most recommend not setting them up underneath another enclosure (an upstairs deck, for instance). Make sure you follow our steps on how to use a pizza oven safely.

One pizza-making book we like is Mastering Pizza by Marc Vetri ($17.59, Amazon (opens in new tab)). It has recipes for a number of different style pies, from Neapolitan to focaccia and more, and they're all very easy to follow.

If you want to get more gear, then you can also pick up a "turning" peel. These are smaller than a traditional peel, and are usually made of a flat, circular piece of metal. Typically, they're a smaller diameter than the pizza itself, so that you can easily rotate the pizza while it's still in the oven. It takes some practice to use it properly.

Efficient and powerful gas-fired radiant burner technology produces high-intensity infrared rays for roasting or searing meats and vegetables, while also creating natural convection heat for baking pizza.

The patented dual burner system and rotating cordierite stone on the HALO Versa 16 Pizza Oven work together to provide a consistent and hands-free cook that beats any restaurant pie. Our countertop pizza oven combines authenticity with convenience without sacrificing quality. Create pizzas that impress your friends and family with our propane 16 inch rotating pizza oven.

When it comes to outdoor cooking, our pizza oven brings the most versatility and cutting-edge technology. With our patented dual burner system, you can get the best of both worlds of having an open flame for crisp toppings and an infrared burner under the stone for a true balance cook.

Turn your own backyard into an outdoor pizzeria with this compact pizza oven cart that has been custom designed for the Artisan Fire Pizza Oven. The cabinet is designed to accommodate and neatly conceal a liquid propane tank. Two shelves flank the cart, providing added workspace, while another small shelf below allows you to keep cooking tools close at hand.

"The Ooni Karu 12 is easily the best portable pizza oven on the market right now. The Karu 12 reaches very high pizza cooking temperatures in less time than it takes to heat an oven or a barbecue grill with a pizza stone and can reach 950 degrees F if you want to try your hand at cooking a pizza in about one minute! Weighing in at about 27 pounds, the Ooni Karu is highly portable, making it easy to store it away if the weather changes outside. And easily, my favorite feature is that it can use either charcoal or wood for fuel, giving you the option to have an authentic wood-fired pizza experience at home."

"The Ooni is a great outdoor option that you can easily set up with either a propane gas tank. The newest oven, the Karu, has the option to burn wood as your fuel source along with the gas propane option giving the user either a wood-fired experience or natural gas version. I personally like this oven for hosting guests outdoors. During get-togethers or parties, this oven quickly becomes the hub for socialization."

"The Breville is a versatile countertop option that can easily live on the counter in your kitchen or entertaining area. For those who might not have any outdoor electricity, this is the best option in the market for an indoor oven. The setting allows you to cook a little bit more precisely by having specific temps with images indicating the pizza styles desired by the user. For example, there are settings for pan pizza, New York, wood fired and thin and crispy Chicago style."

"This can be used for both indoor and outdoor cooking. I use it to make a Neapolitan-style pizza in just a few hours. From making your own dough to adding your favorite toppings like tomato, basil and mozzarella, this the perfect tool to help cook the most delicious dishes."

For the casual pizza maker, it seems fairly obvious to purchase a smaller, cheaper and/or simpler pizza oven for your creations. For the avid pizza connoisseur however, the choice to build or buy your pizza oven may not be as easy. There are many factors which would influence your decision either way.

A bought pizza oven has several advantages. Firstly and most obviously, there is little to no effort involved. Short of plugging in a gas bottle on an outdoor gas pizza oven, adding some wood pellets or plugging in the cord on a counter top electric pizza oven, there is pretty much nothing involved. They are usually very efficient, and most of the time it is actually hard to fail at making pizza. This is because ovens produced by companies such as Ooni or Big Horn are mass-produced and have been developed to expressly make pizzas at home with little complications. 041b061a72


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