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Boomerang 2015 Tamil Movie Hd Download

Boomerang 2015 Tamil movie HD download

Boomerang is a 2015 Tamil comedy film directed by R. Kannan and starring Atharvaa, Megha Akash, and Indhuja. The film revolves around a young man who undergoes a face transplant surgery and faces several challenges as he tries to find out the truth behind his new identity. The film was released on March 8, 2019 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

Plot summary

The film begins with Siva (Atharvaa), a young man who suffers from severe facial injuries in a fire accident. He is taken to a hospital where the doctors suggest a face transplant as the only way to save his life. Meanwhile, another patient, Shakthi (also Atharvaa), is declared brain dead and his mother, Gowri (Suhasini Maniratnam), agrees to donate his organs. Siva's face is swapped with Shakthi's and he recovers from the surgery.


Siva decides to start a new life with his family and girlfriend, Gigi (Megha Akash), who had rejected him earlier because of his looks. However, he soon realizes that someone is trying to kill him and suspects that it has something to do with his new face. He learns from Gowri that Shakthi was not her real son and that he belonged to a village near Trichy. He travels to Trichy with his friend, Gopal (Sathish), and Gigi to find out more about Shakthi's past.

In Trichy, they meet Maya (Indhuja), who reveals that Shakthi was an IT professional who quit his job and returned to his village to do farming. He also fought against a corrupt corporate tycoon, Sooraj (Upen Patel), who wanted to acquire the lands of the villagers for his project. Shakthi led a protest against Sooraj and exposed his illegal activities, which angered him and his henchmen. They attacked Shakthi and set him on fire, which resulted in his death.

Siva realizes that Sooraj and his men are after him because they think he is Shakthi. He decides to take revenge on them and protect the villagers from their threats. He also falls in love with Maya, who resembles Gigi. He faces a dilemma between choosing Maya or Gigi as his life partner. The film ends with Siva defeating Sooraj and his men and saving the village. He also chooses Maya over Gigi and lives happily with her.

How to download Boomerang 2015 Tamil movie HD

If you want to watch Boomerang 2015 Tamil movie in HD quality, you can download it from various online platforms that offer legal streaming services. Some of the popular platforms are:

  • [Amazon Prime Video]: You can watch Boomerang 2015 Tamil movie on Amazon Prime Video with a subscription fee of Rs. 129 per month or Rs. 999 per year. You can also download the movie offline and watch it later on your device.

  • [Hotstar]: You can watch Boomerang 2015 Tamil movie on Hotstar with a subscription fee of Rs. 299 per month or Rs. 1499 per year. You can also download the movie offline and watch it later on your device.

  • [YouTube]: You can watch Boomerang 2015 Tamil movie on YouTube with a rental fee of Rs. 100 or a purchase fee of Rs. 150. You can also download the movie offline and watch it later on your device.

However, we advise you to avoid downloading Boomerang 2015 Tamil movie from illegal websites that offer pirated copies of the film. These websites may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or compromise your privacy. Moreover, downloading or watching pirated content is a crime that can result in legal action against you.


Boomerang 2015 Tamil movie is an entertaining film that combines comedy, action, romance, and social message. The film features impressive performances by Atharvaa, Megha Akash, Indhuja, and Upen Patel. The film also has a catchy soundtrack composed by Radhan and stunning cinematography by Prasanna Kumar. If you are looking for a fun and engaging film to watch, you can download Boomerang 2015 Tamil movie HD from the legal platforms mentioned above.


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